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I have been a member of Middlesex CCC and the Seaxe Club for over thirty years. I have served on the Seaxe Committee for nearly thirty years. Previously, I also served three terms on the Middlesex General Committee. When I first joined the Seaxe committee, my main function was to run the coaches to away matches. These were primarily to matches in the old Sunday League, although we did have holidays at 4 day games. During this period, I was asked to arrange some social events to keep members together during the winter, hence the winter Sunday lunch programme. When the Sunday League died so did the demand for the coach programme. About this time the Club’s Annual Dinner became unviable. The Committee asked me to test the water with a Christmas lunch to replace it. The Christmas lunch has been a fixture for 18 years now. Away from cricket, I have been retired for nearly 10 years.

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