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Updated: Mar 6, 2023


Many members will have heard of the Seaxe Club, but might not be aware of exactly what it is, what it does, what benefits it offers to members, and why they should actually think about joining!

In short, Seaxe Club is 'a club within a club' - a place where Middlesex members can meet fellow Middlesex members, build long-lasting friendships, talk cricket to your hearts' content, attend Seaxe Club social events, receive the Seaxe Club publications, and perhaps most importantly it plays a huge hand in helping Middlesex Cricket - or perhaps, some might say even more importantly - it's where you get access to the best tea and cake in the whole ground - the essential requirement of all cricket supporters!

To find out more about the Seaxe Club, we caught up with Chairman, Glen Birkwood, who tells us all about it...

Many members say “they have heard of the Seaxe Club but know nothing about it” - only that “it’s a Club within a Club”. Well, its objective is to support cricket throughout the County of Middlesex by various means – bursaries/kit/awards/ coaching costs etc… Those we have supported in the past include Andrew Strauss, Toby Roland-Jones and we are currently helping Artharva Prasad (a double Seaxe award winner) with his visit to India to further develop his skills; a cost being matched by the Club.

If you love cricket and want the best for the Club, then by being a member of the Seaxe Club you will be contributing to the future strength of Middlesex Cricket by supporting, nurturing and developing the stars of the future. A lot of youngsters may have the talent but not the wherewithal to develop it without the financial assistance and guidance from the Seaxe Club. We cannot do any of this without the support of our members.

As a member you will have access to a private box in the Tavern Stand for all home County Championship games, where you can enjoy tea, coffee biscuits and cake throughout the day. You will have the company of like minded supporters within the box, join the Seaxe end of season drinks reception, mid-season box reception, Christmas lunch and winter lunches in local pubs. You'll receive a copy of the Seaxe News 3 times a year and also the opportunity to partake in the Seaxe lottery draw 4 times a year. All this for currently £12.50 per annum plus the cost of a lottery ticket which is £12.

To paraphrase a famous gentleman of the past - “ask not what the Seaxe club can do for you but what you can do for Middlesex via the Seaxe Club!”.

We offer a very warm welcome to all members and would love to grow the Seaxe Club membership in our aim to help Middlesex Cricket thrive for many, many years to come.

Any enquiries about joining should be directed to Barbara Buxton on or our joint membership secretary Les Rowland on

Thank you in advance and we very much forward to welcoming you to Lord's as Seaxe Club members.



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