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How the Seaxe Club helped with a request for kit support from Middlesex Women's player Amelie Munday…

We received a bursary form requesting assistance for a young university student with a great Middlesex future. Her need was for a new cricket helmet, the cost of which was prohibitive for her whilst at University. It didn’t take long for the Seaxe Committee to agree to this request. We are delighted to say that Amelie is now safely kitted out and we look forward to her representing Middlesex in the future.


Amelie Munday commented:


“I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for the helmet that Seaxe have bought for me. 


“My last helmet has fallen to pieces and given that I have had it since I was 12 it's done a pretty good job, but as both Middlesex and Western Storm told me, I also need one that will give me better protection now - the bowling is definitely quicker than when I was 12!


“I think I will play about 60 games this year if I stay fit, so the helmet will get plenty of action. That will include games for Western Storm Academy, Devon CCC (I'm on loan from Middlesex for some of the year), Exeter Uni, Middlesex (later in the summer) and Teddington CC - if I can fit it in (I played some Second XI games in the Middlesex League at the end last year which was great experience). 


“Once again thank you so much for helping me with my cricket, it's very much appreciated. I hope to see you sometime during the summer.”

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