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How Seaxe Club are helping a young Middlesex cricketer through the donation of kit and ongoing funding of coaching to assist the development of his game…

“Tyrone Visvakula is a young cricketer, aged just 14, who was brought to our attention by Rory Coutts and Mark Lane, Coaches in the Middlesex Youth and Academy programmes.

This young man plays for Sunbury CC and at the tender age of 14 plays in one of the senior sides. He has scored numerous 100’s and 50+’s, and we are delighted to report that he has now been selected to play for Middlesex CCC in his age group.

When I met Tyrone and his father at Sunbury CC to discuss their needs, he told me that his ambition was to play professional cricket for Middlesex. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and a change in the family finances, they found it difficult to provide new kit for a growing teenager. The Seaxe committee unanimously agreed to provide Tyrone with a new helmet, boots, shirt and whites. We have also agreed to finance his one-to-one coaching sessions on an ongoing basis, but reviewed regularly.

All those who have seen this young man play say he has a great future as a batter.”

Glen Birkwood – Chair, Seaxe Club

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