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How a donation from Seaxe Club has helped Middlesex Cricket deliver All Stars and Dynamos National cricket programmes into schools and clubs in the county through Seaxe providing bursaries to the Club…

“It has been a busy summer of National programme delivery in Middlesex. Through the generous support of Seaxe, we were able to offer 265 free places on National programmes this summer. As I mentioned in the last update, with the cost-of-living increase affecting everyone, not just those families who live in areas of high deprivation, we spread the bursaries across the county this year to give the greatest impact for families who would be struggling to pay for places for their children on the programmes.

“In my last report, I included this feedback from a parent who had two children at one of the centres in Tower Hamlets. She said, that without the free place she never would have been able to afford the £40 per child cost of All stars. She said that with the cost of living continuously rising as a family they are having to make difficult choices about what leisure activities they can do and trying to find £80 at the moment would have been extremely difficult and her children probably wouldn’t have been able to attend. They were so pleased that their children could take part alongside their friends from school and didn’t miss out on playing cricket.

“This message was just one of 37 we received this summer. Our staff on the ground were continuously thanked by the parents for providing places for their children. We could not have done this without the incredible support of Seaxe.”

Below is a breakdown of all the centres we delivered in this year and how the bursaries were split via gender.

All Stars: Hague Primary School (Tower Hamlets), Kobi Nazrul Primary (Tower Hamlets), Christ Church Bentinck (Westminster), Church Lane Rec (Brent), Cowley Hall Rec (Hillingdon) and Millfields Park (Hackney).

Dynamos: Church Lane Rec (Brent), Paddington Rec (Westminster), Middlesex Indoor Cricket School (Barnet), Stepney Green Park (Tower Hamlets), Centenary Park (Harrow), Heathfield Rec (Richmond), Millfields Park (Hackney), Inwood Park (Hounslow), Chiswick House (Hounslow).

Breakdown of bursaries in 2022:

All stars: 135 – 64 Girls & 71 Boys

Dynamos: 130 – 56 Girls & 74 Boys

Pete Jones – Participation Manager, Middlesex Cricket

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