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Often referred to as a “Club within a Club”, the Seaxe Club consists of members of the County Club who wish to support and help develop cricket within the county of Middlesex, especially helping youngsters who could be financially restricted in their desire to play cricket. The monies accrued by the Seaxe Club via subscriptions and our lottery, go towards a number of ventures aimed at improving the lot of as many youngsters, both boys and girls, as possible. This is achieved via bursaries which can be used for the purchase of cricket equipment, transport costs or coaching fees. Or in the case of the All Stars and Dynamo programmes, simply paying their entrance fee. Applications are made to the Committee for consideration, and if approved, monies are made available to the individual or organisation concerned. The Seaxe Club has supported the All Stars and Dynamo projects since their inception by the ECB. In 2022 alone the Seaxe Club provided £6,000 in bursaries for 135 children to join the All Stars and 130 to join the Dynamo programmes with a virtual split 50/50 between boys and girls. A notable bursary of the past was when the Club helped finance a young Andrew Strauss to visit Australia.

As a member of the Seaxe Club you will have access to our box in the Tavern Stand for all home county matches where tea and coffee are available all day and cake in the afternoon tea break.

The Seaxe Club supports Middlesex Cricket in many ways, some examples are below:

Youth Cricket:

  • Long term funding of the Middlesex Colts, in particular their winter competition whose finals are in April annually.

  • In recent year the Club has contributed significant sums to the Allstars and Dynamos cricket programmes.

  • The Club has a bursary scheme to help young cricketers cover coaching, equipment and other costs which would otherwise prevent them from pursuing a career within cricket.

  • An Awards Evening is organised at Lords each April to present the players with trophies, voted for by Seaxe Club members, and awards plus gift vouchers to other players in eight Categories as nominated by the Middlesex Coaching Staff.

  • The Club helped to fund the launch of a disability cricket league initiative within the County.

  • In recognition of our 40th anniversary we funded the formation of a Girls cricket league which continues to grow.


County Cricket:

  • The Annual Awards evening recognises First XI, Second XI, Women’s and Disability players of the year plus other outstanding performances.

  • Funding bursaries and travel for young Middlesex cricketers to gain experience by coaching and playing overseas in the winter. (Andrew Strauss benefited from this in his early career).

What does the Seaxe Club need? Members! The cost of membership is only £20 per annum.

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