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After a meal in the Committee dining room attended by George Newman President of MCCC, Arthur Flower secretary of MCCC, Gerry Lillie, Gerry Williams a lawyer and Norman De Mesquita a journalist, a proposal was made by Arthur Fowler that a supporters club should be established and called Seaxe.

At the MCCC AGM George Newton put forward the proposal to the meeting and asked that any members who were interested should send a stamped addressed envelope to the Middlesex office for a newsletter.

At a meeting on May 8th 1968 attended by George Newman in the Chair, Arthur Flower, Gerry Lillie, Gerry Williams and Norman De Mesquita, it was noted that 80 members had replied, so the basis for the formation of the club was agreed.


On June 19th 1968, the rules of the Club were approved and adopted, subscriptions fixed at ten shillings per year, and the county granted a loan of £100 interest free (which was repaid very quickly!). George Newman was elected as President, Gerry Lillie as Chairman, Arthur Flower as treasurer and Gerry Williams as secretary. Elected to the committee Norman De Mesquita (Newsletter), Eric Russell, J.C.White, J.T.Murray and Fred Titmus as captain of the County.


The inaugural meeting of the Club was held in the banqueting suite on July 22nd which 250 people attended although Seaxe at that time only had 91 paid up members. Arthur designed the Club tie which was produced by the end of the year and also produced the Club flag. By year end there were  over 300 members and the Club was fully established.


In 1969, the Club was given the use of the box on Saturdays; a successful coach trip to canterbury was organised. The 100 club was proposed but there was insufficient response to this.


In 1973, the Seaxe Club was in a poor state with only 87 members. An emergency meeting was held on October 1st when Geoff Norris became treasurer and Grace Victor took over the role of membership secretary and box administrator. The newsletter continued to be produced by Norman and the 100 club was established.


The money raised by the club has been used to buy a bowling machine for the Middlesex Academy plus video equipment, a new county flag, balls for the John Player matches, to pay for boys to have coaching at Easter and Christmas and to sponsor both indoor and outdoor cricket competitions. As a Club we have sponsored a youth team to Australia, made a donation to Shepherds Bush Club and purchased helmets for children in Tower Hamlets. We established a programme of sponsoring young players to go to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka to gain experience over the winter months. We were also able to donate £7,500 to help launch the girls cricket league in Middlesex.


Awards to players were established, the first being given to Angus Fraser in 1989 with David Nash being given the first youth award in 1993.


The coach programme was successful for a number of years and enjoyed by many members. We now have a successful winter social programme.


The box has continued to be a focal point for the Club and here we are able to catch up with our fellow members over a cup of tea and cake!


We should always remember Arthur Flower (described by some as our founding father) who, despite his busy life for Middlesex, found time to propose a supporters club and help form the club we all enjoy today.



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